Chains are an indispensable tool in agriculture and especially in forestry. They are used in different lengths and thicknesses, depending on the power of the tractor and the winch.  Our company offers different chain dimensions (material quality 10, manufacturer’s attestation is provided). We cut the chains for you to desired lengths and equip them with different hooks and slide rings as per your request.

Our years of experience also helped us develop the installation chain link used for repair of forestry and snow chains. This link makes chain repair easy and ensures the same characteristics it had prior to the chain breakdown. The image of the chain and the installation chain link shows a simple assembly of the installation piece.

WE OFFER THE FOLLOWING CHAINS (manufacturer Řetězárna):

  • chain 6 mm round or square,  weight approx. 800 g for 1 meter of chain
  • chain 7 mm round or square,  weight approx. 1,050 g for 1 meter of chain
  • chain 8 mm round or square,  weight approx. 1,600 g for 1 meter of chain

Chain quality:  with designation 10, blue, test carried out.

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