Forestry hatchet with a cant hook


The forestry hatchet is used for pulling and splitting of timber, logs etc. It is often used for striking different objects (e.g. striking log splitters, wedges). The hammerhead of majority of hatchets is too small and is thus unsuitable for striking log splitters and wedges as it could damage the wedges made of PVC materials. However, with years of experience in the field we produced a hatchet which can replace an axe, as the hammerhead of our hatchet is approximately the size of the hammerhead on an axe. The hammerhead on our hatchet is big enough to strike log splitters without damaging the wedges. The hatchet is made of high-quality material and is thermally and galvanically treated. The hatchet is available in three dimensions, depending on the length of the handle. Available handle lengths are 100, 110 and 120 cm.

We also offer a cant hook, which is mounted onto the axe. The cant hook on the hatchet is an excellent tool for turning of timber in a pile on a timber depot or in upright trees which hang on other trees during falling. The cant hook is made of high-quality material and is easy to use. It is packed in a handy bag you can carry around your waist the entire day, it only weighs 200 g.


  • Hatchet TYPE 1: handle length 100 cm, weight 2,000 g
  • Hatchet TYPE 2: handle length 110 cm, weight 2,400 g
  • Hatchet TYPE 3: handle length 120 cm, weight 2,700 g
  • Galvanic  surface protection of the product (metal part)


  • Load:  20 kN (2,000 kg)
  • Weight: 200 g
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