End piece with swivel hook Type 3


The end piece is used for ending of steel rope in a very simple manner with the help of a wedge and a conical insert to which the chain holder is screwed. The advantage of the end piece is simple mounting and dismounting from the steel cable during field work. It also protects hands from damaged steel cable when pulled around on the ground.

The swivel hook replaces guide shoe to enable easier fastening and release of the chain. It is made with cuts in which the chain, or the guard is inserted. The latter ensures that the chain does not open during logging, despite decrease in the towing force and obstacles.


  • Load: 60 kN (6,000 kg) – safety factor 2
  • Weight: 1,260 g
  • Thickness of steel cable: 8 ̶ 10 mm
  • End chain hook: Ø 6 ̶ 8 mm
  • Galvanic surface protection of the product
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